Capture the moments of your special day!

Our cameras. Your crew. A match made in heaven.

Create your own movie classic.
A wedding video is a special keepsake that you'll enjoy viewing for years to come. Instruct your camera crew to have fun and shoot whatever happens - from the biggest moments to the smallest details. Follow these tips to produce a professional-looking wedding video, right from the start:

There's always someone at the wedding with a creative flair. Enlist that person as "director of photography." Encourage him/her to spread out the cameras, film both sides of the family, capture the antics of the best man and maid of honor, and catch your witty uncle's audio commentary. Choose people who are eager to help out, and encourage your guests to pass the cameras around throughout the big day.

Have your camera crew capture as many moments and guests as possible. With WedFlik, you can shoot the rehearsal dinner, post-party, bachelor/bachelorette bash, the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, reception and more. Recording the complete wedding experience makes for a great story!

B-roll, or before-roll, includes all the background elements that help cover the complete wedding experience and can be used for scene transitions. Exterior building shots, stained glass and architectural details, food and flower arrangements, close-ups of the cake, and any other special touches are always great additions to your video.

Close-ups make your images look sharper and allow you to capture emotion in your wedding video. Be sure to get close-up shots of the bride and groom, the wedding party and the parents throughout the day. Avoid excessive zooming since it may diminish the image quality. Try to move close to your subject for a close-up whenever possible.

Anticipate and follow the action throughout the wedding. Tell guests about your video project so they can inform your crew about surprises developing that should be filmed. Try to keep a steady hand while panning, avoiding quick movements of the camera.

Your designated "director" should be responsible for gathering the cameras and returning them - either to you or to us. Just place all equipment in the original box, attach the prepaid shipping label provided, and take it to any UPS drop-off location. The sooner we get the cameras, the sooner we can upload your footage for you!