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Q: How do I place my order for a WedFlik package?
A: All WedFlik orders can be placed online on our secure website. You can simply go to the Purchase page and select your package and we will take it from there!"

Q. Will we receive all footage and clips from each camera?
A. Yes you will be able to Digitally Download all of your raw footage and clips on each WedFlik camera in High-Definition format. You will have complete rights to all of the footage and will be able to edit the footage and upload it to any social media website or any other medium of your choosing.

Q. What kind of batteries are used and how long do the batteries last?
A. We use lithium batteries at WedFlik because they are simply the longest lasting battery and they are specifically made for audio/video digital equipment. The batteries will outlast the amount of video each camera is capable of recording (2 hours). Plus we test each and every battery before shipping.

Q. How much video can be recorded on each camera?
A. Each camera holds 2 hours of video footage for a potential total of 10 hours of video footage! It is rare for all 5 cameras to be filled completely with footage but we encourage you to try!

Q. For our final video, will we be able to arrange the clips in any sequence that we desire?
A. Yes, if you chose a package with the customer select feature then our exclusive story maker website will allow you to view all of your clips and then you can arrange them in the order that you wish to view them.

Q. When will my cameras arrive before my wedding?
A. Your cameras will arrive 1-2 days before your wedding but if you need other arrangements just give us a call before we ship the cameras and we will be happy to accommodate.

Q. How long do we get to keep the cameras?
A. We ask that you return the cameras the first business day after your event date. You will typically have the cameras in your possession for 5 days. If you need them for more days, just give us a call before we ship the cameras and we can accommodate.

Q. Can we keep a camera for honeymoon?
A. Yes. For just $50 you can keep one camera for an extra week.

Q: How is WedFlik better than a professional videographer?
A: A videographer is typically one individual running around trying to capture a large event, from a single point of view. With our five cameras, you'll be able to cover more area, capture more highlights, and create a unique, personal video production that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Q: Why should I have both a videographer and WedFlik?
A: Some choose both a videographer & WedFlik. Let the videographer set up shop at the wedding & reception and do what he does best. Then pass out your WedFlik cameras & let the party begin. Your guests will capture the behind the scenes images and have a great, memorable time at your wedding!

Q: Isn't this asking a lot of my wedding guests?
A: You'll be surprised how much fun your friends and family will have while they're "on a mission" to capture all the special moments of your day - from breathtaking to side-splitting.

Q: What happens if a camera gets damaged?
A: All of our cameras are insured against damage and normal wear and tear. The only way you'll have to pay for the cameras is if you keep them.

Q: Are the video cameras high quality?
A: Yes! Each camera will shoot up to two hours of video, with high-definition quality (1280 x 720 resolution). You'll capture crystal-clear footage using simple button controls - no complicated settings. Our pocket-sized, flip-style cameras feature digital zoom, image stabilization. They're so easy to use - even your flower girl could do it!

Q: Can we select the footage for our final DVD?
A: You bet! If you chose a package with the customer select feature then you get access to all of our online editing capabilities. First, you can preview ALL the footage from all five cameras. Then choose the specific clips you would like to include. From there, you can create the sequence and select the music, images and style of video you'd like.

Q: What types of packages and pricing do you offer?
A: We offer four simple packages featuring different levels of services and products. Package descriptions and pricing are posted on our website.

Q: What payment plans are available?
A: You can choose from two payment plans:

Option #1 - Payment in full at the time of order.
Option #2 - A down payment of $99.00 at the time of order and then three equal monthly payments over the following 90 days.

Q: How soon after the wedding can we see our video footage?
A: Your video clips will be available online for viewing and editing within 30 days after the wedding.

Q: How long will my video footage remain online?
A: Your wedding footage remains active for 90 days on our online secure service. If you would like an extension, we are happy to accommodate.

Q: What happens after we select and edit our video clips?
A: When you have selected your clips and created a sequence, your video will be submitted for final editing and you will receive your wedding video(s) within 4-6 weeks.

Q: Can my friends and family view the video footage after the wedding?
A: Absolutely! You can give your friends and family a secure website link to view your wedding videos online.

Q: How do I order upgrades such as highlight or full-length videos?
A: Simply call us at 855-699-3335 and we will assist you in placing your upgrade order.